If you are living in Thailand either all year or part of the year, make sure you have no concerns in this area. There are a number of International Company's offering varying levels of coverage and premiums. Be insured, but also be confortable with what you are being asked to pay.

Life and Accident

Are you and your dependents adequately covered? We are all mortal, mistakes, accidents and illness are a fact of life.


Never travel abroad without obtaining this. Accidents, illness and flight delays are not uncommon.


Current values must be used for insuring a vehicle. No Claim Bonuses (NCB) are of great value and the loss of a NBC results in increased premiums over the following years.


Make sure that your House or Commercial property is insured for the full rebuilding cost. Otherwise, in the event of a major claim only a percentage of the claim will be payable.

Fixtures and Fittings

Receipts and photographs of your property should be given to your insurer confirming values. This will then negate problems over a claim.

Marine and Freight

When arranging transportation of Commercial goods or Personal property arrange insurance for the full value of them.


This applies to both Commercial businesses and Personal situations. Errors and accidents happen. Do not be left open to an uninsured Claim.

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